Custom Academic Publishing

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As your publishing partner, LAD helps you navigate the custom process.

Publish and sell the academic content you've created - textbooks, course materials, manuals, and we can host and sell your videos, too.


LAD Offers

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Customer Service

With our team, customer service is #1. We'll work hard to provide the right solution.

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Professional editing and proofreading services.

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Cover Design

One of our experienced designers can create the perfect cover for your work.

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Production Options

We have a variety of options, from cover, paper and binding types to book size.

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Digital Publishing

Create an eBook with our digital portal. Sell it online through the LAD Bookstore.

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LAD will assist in getting the word out on your book.

Print vs. Digital

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A whole world of readers value the tactile experience of holding a book, especially when it comes to studying from and annotating.

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Without printing costs, your students will realize some valuable cost savings. The LAD Digital Portal gives students options to view their content.
Learn about the LAD Digital Portal

You may need both print and digital versions of your book.

If you choose not to publish electronically you may lose potential reading audience. The same can be said if you elect to only publish digitally. To reach the widest audience possible, you may want to produce your book as both in both printed and digital forms.

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You have a secure way to deliver video content with the eLAD Video Library. Only students that have purchased access can view these videos.

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The LAD Bookstore

The LAD Bookstore provides authors with a less costly and environmentally-friendly option for distributing their academic materials. We offer a secure global marketplace for educators and individuals to host and sell their own content.

This includes custom books, textbooks, manuals and videos. Content creators can choose the delivery options for their book: Print, Digital or a Combination of Both Print and Digital.

Visit for more details on the LAD Bookstore.