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Customer Service is Our Top Priority

  • "The packets were received and we are very pleased with the process and the results."Logan University
  • "You and your team are always so seamless to work with."Dean College
  • "LAD hasn't missed a beat. I would recommend LAD to anyone that has to deal with course packets."Textbook Buyer, Auburn University

Our focus is on giving bookstores, campus print shops and corporate training centers the greatest delivery options for their course packs and custom publishing content.

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LAD Custom Publishing is the leading course pack company in the United States with the most experienced team in the industry. We are a full service copyright clearance and course pack provider that offers simple yet unique print and digital solutions with a focus on service. We are dedicated to helping our partners stay relative in an ever changing content environment.

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Student Lab Notebooks

These notebooks feature perforated, carbonless page sets, an experiment log to keep track of labs, and an updated periodic table of contents.

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OER Content

As a supplier of OpenStax material, we can add any of their peer-reviewed texts to your course pack.

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Copyright Cost Management

Keep copyright fees under control. LAD analyzes content and negotiating lower royalty fees with the content providers.

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Course Pack Copyright Myths

July 6, 2018

Here are real answers on some of the more often-cited course pack copyright myths, including Public Domain, Fair Use and Creative Commons.

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Affordable OER Print Options

October 26, 2018

As an authorized supplier of OpenStax and Lumen Learning OER content, LAD can add any of their peer-reviewed texts to your course pack.

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Should I Publish My Course Pack in Print or Digitally?

March 29, 2018

Consider both. In our 3-year research that included over 10,000 LAD published course packs, when given a choice between print or digital, 70% of students chose the printed version while 30% went digital (e-book).

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