About LAD

We are the leading course pack company in the United States with the most experienced team in the industry. We’re a full service copyright clearance and course pack provider that offers simple yet unique print and digital solutions with a focus on service. LAD is partnered with over 900 colleges and universities in 48 states and we are dedicated to helping our partners stay relative in an ever-changing content environment.

About LAD team

Relax… we’ve got you covered!

LAD is located just northeast of Atlanta in beautiful Buford, GA. We have customer service, copyright, production and accounting all under one roof, in one location, which eliminates costly and timely problems that other course pack providers routinely encounter. We have a professional, dedicated team that is focused on providing the highest level of service in the industry.


Lance Liggin and Dave Binnix, although of different generations, complement each other by their innovative prospective on the industry. The simplicity by which they deliver content digitally or in print is unique and refreshing. Copyright compliance, indemnification and guarantees for university bookstores were all new innovations created by Lance and Dave.

David Binnix has served the university market since 1966 when he helped establish the “Forms Management” concept for the educational industry. In 1993 Dave founded Campus Custom Publishing (CCP) which became the premier supplier to the college bookstore market.

Lance Liggin joined CCP in 1995 where Lance was instrumental in moving CCP to becoming the largest provider of custom course packets in the United States. He also served as National Vice President of Sales for XanEdu before starting LAD with David Binnix.

Today Lance and Dave are offering new services such as digital delivery, color injection, a guaranteed delivery program and marketing partnerships all under the umbrella of LAD, which stands for Lance and Dave. LAD is partnered with over 900 colleges and universities in 48 states and they are dedicated to providing the industry with the highest level of service.