Royalty Payments For Your Custom Content

The Content, The Research and The Hard Work Are Yours.

The Royalties Can Be, Too.

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As part of our custom publishing partnership, LAD takes care of processing and paying out royalties on course packs with your custom content. Royalties can be paid directly to faculty or to departments.

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Getting Started With Our Royalty Payments Program


1. Publish Your Course Pack or Book with LAD.
We’ll help you navigate the custom publishing process. First order of business – prepare your files for production, whether that means print or digitally, or both. A dedicated customer service representative will assist with every stage of publishing.

For information on course packs, click here.

To learn more about custom academic publishing, click here.

2. Determine your royalty on each unit sold.

3. Fill Out Two Simple Forms: A Royalty Form and W9

Scan and attach to your Order Form when ready to submit

4. LAD tracks the sales of your course pack or book.

5. Then we’ll mail you a check twice a year.

Course Pack Royalty Payments FAQs


Can I add a royalty to a course pack that incldues material from other sources?
Yes, you can! Let’s say that you have created 100 pages of original content for your course pack, and also included are four articles from scholarly journals. LAD will clear ALL of the copyright permissions from those scholarly journals.

How much royalty should I add to my course pack or book?
While this is totally up to each content creator, our customer service representatives can assist in computing proper royalty amounts while keeping the content affordable.

How does LAD track sales?
We work in conjuction with bookstores. For books and course packs sold online, we report monthly sales.

How often do I get paid?
Royalty payments are made twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.